Infected tragus piercing, bump, inflammation, swollen, bubble, no piercing and home remedies

A look at the infected tragus piercing, bump, inflammation, swollen, bubble, no piercing and home remedies

Tragus infection bump

Cartilage piercings on the ears as well as the noses are very much prone to getting “bumps” – small, raised scars that are mostly around the exit holes of a piercing. Sometimes they are brought about by loose or an incorrect jewelry, rough handling, or even piercing using a piercing gun. Normally it is just out of bad luck.

Although the infected tragus piercing isn’t that dangerous, they might feel very much unpleasant and very itchy. If you want to do away with a cartilage piercing bump, then you will have to have some patience as they may take some period of time to disappear. But, if you are very much consistent, they should go away within three months, and the piercing will be good as new.

How to Heal Cartilage Piercing Bumps

  1. Use a salt soak. A salt soak is usually the safest, effective way that can be used to deal with cartilage bumps – it will reduce the size of the infected tragus piercing and assist it to disappear over a period of time. To use:
    • Add about 1/4 teaspoon of the sea salt to 1 cup of boiling water. Stir it until the salt is fully dissolved.
    • When the salt water has cooled down slightly (you want it to be as warm as possible to avoid burning the skin), dip a cotton pad into the cup.
    • Hold the soaked cotton pad against a bump for about 2 minutes. You can then leave the jewelry in the ear (or even the nose) as you do this, but ensure to avoid pulling or even pushing it around.
    • Repeat the salt soak process about twice a day until the bump has completely disappeared.
  1. Use of a chamomile salt soak. The addition of the chamomile tea to a salt soak assists to soothe and also calm the skin that is around the infected tragus piercing, making it a very good option for the people who have much sensitive skin. To prepare:
    • Dissolve about 1/4 teaspoon of the salt in the boiling water. Add a chamomile tea bag to the water and then allow it to brew for about 5 minutes.
    • Once the tea has been brewed, you should dip a cotton pad in a solution and then press it against the bump for about 5 minutes. Do the process twice a day.
    • Alternatively, some other people brew the chamomile teabag in the hot water, then get rid of the teabag and allow it to cool before directly to the ear.
    • Make sure that you are making use of pure chamomile tea that has no added flavorings, and also avoid the method if you have a ragweed allergy.
  2. Make a compress by use of a breathable tape. Use of a breathable tape so as to press down on the infected tragus piercing is an example of the compression therapy. This particular method should only apply on completely healed piercings, as it might irritate the ones that are still healing. To apply:
    • Buy some breathable medical tape at the local drugstore. Try to find a color that matches a skin tone.
    • Use a scissors so as to cut a small strip of a tape. It is supposed to cover the entire bump and about 2 mm of the skin on all the sides.
    • Tightly cover the bump using the strip of tape, so that the bump feels somehow compressed. Wear the tape always, replacing it with a fresh tape when it starts to appear grubby.
    • Use the method for about three months. The bump will have gone away after the period. If not, switch to a very different method.
  3. See a professional piercer. If you’d want to have a second opinion on the infected tragus piercing, then you should see a reputable local piercing artist. They can be able to carefully examine the bump and then give you further advice on various treatment options.
    • As bumps are normally brought about by wearing loose or even overly large jewelry; the piercing professional can as well pick out a better ring for your piercing.
    • The bumps might also be brought about by jewelry that is made from the wrong materials. Ideally, jewelry that is used for cartilage piercings should be made from titanium or even a biocompatible plastic.
    • If you however prefer, then you could see a doctor or even a dermatologist, but it’s very important to keep in mind that they do not have enough experience in dealing with the infected tragus piercing as professional piercers do.

Tragus inflammation

Otitis externa is a term that is used for inflammation of the outer ear but specifically shows an infection of an ear canal. Most of the infections are usually bacterial in origin although the chronic cases might be because of fungi. The infection might thus be localized and also present as small furuncle or may be diffuse extending most of the canal. Otitis externa is also known as swimmer’s ear due to the frequency of the infections in people who swim on very regular basis.

Unlike otitis media, it can be able to resolve quickly, sometimes even without the medical treatment and very serious complications are rare. However, in patients who are usually immunocompromised, otitis externa can rapidly progress to lead to serious and life-threatening complications known as malignant otitis externa.

Infection of ear canal is usually associated with the disturbances that occur in the microenvironment that is within the ear which is normally acidic.

It revolves around the disturbance that is in the quantity of the ear wax in the canal. Ear wax has a protective function, it is normally bitter tasting and also very acidic. It normally detracts insects from settling in ear canal and also contains antimicrobial properties which prevents the bacterial invasion.

Most of the cases are because of the excessive cleaning of an ear using cotton swabs, matchsticks, hairpins and all other long objects. Apart from clearing out of the most of ear wax, the makeshift instruments are also able to injure the lining of inner ear.

Another common mechanism is with regards to swimming, especially when the water is trapped in an inner ear, thus creating a perfect environment for the bacterial invasion. This is exacerbated by the water which is then contaminated with very high levels of bacteria and also chlorinated water in the swimming pools which contains an excessive drying effect on lining of ear canal.

Other factors, especially the underlying skin diseases, might also compromise ability of the canal lining so as to maintain acidic microenvironment. Apart from the trauma to an ear canal, the bacteria which infects the canal causes an inflammation that is limited to the ear canal and also a superficial tissue. It rarely extends to the deeper lying tissue.

Swollen tragus piercing

The swelling on tragus might be an indication of the poor aftercare practice. Ignoring or even not taking proper care of the new piercing is able to harbor bacteria or even fungi, this makes the tragus susceptible to several infections.

The best aftercare is to clean gently an area that has a saline solution or even a bacteria soap. You can also ask for a guide on the method to take care of a piercing until you are completely healed. Always make sure that the piercing tools are well sterilized before having the procedure that is done on the tragus. This should be with a qualified piercer otherwise you might end up to have an infected tragus piercing.

Washing hands by use of disinfectant after the procedure should be part of the procedure to have a safe piercing. Take caution of the new piercing otherwise the healing process can take months or even years. Physical injuries that are on the tragus by the studs or even the jewelry can lead to a bleeding that will make you much susceptible to an infection.

While you are in process of recovering, always ensure that you use a mirror so as to clean or even insert a jewelry in tragus piercing. This is a very safe procedure to minimize a self-implicated pain as well as the injuries. If you have a swollen lymph node near an infected tragus piercing that looks like the nodules that are found in clusters, this is normal.

Tragus piercing bump inside ear

Lumps can be able to form at any point in the ear canal. Lumps or bumps may be soft or hard, depending on the type. Some bumps may be painful, while others may be painless, but can affect hearing if they block the ear canal.

Sebaceous cysts are usually very harmless lumps that are comprised of skin oils as well as the dead skin cells. These particular cysts are common type of the cysts that are seen in the ear, according to doctors. Otitis externa, also known as the swimmer’s ear, is an infection of ear canal that can lead to swelling that might feel like a bump that is in the ear.

Excess growth of the bone in the ear canal leads to non-cancerous osteomas. Keloids, brought about by overgrowth of the scar tissue, can also lead to bumps if you have had an injury to an ear canal. Tragus piercing can also lead to a bump inside ear.

Infected tragus piercing bubble

Tragus piercing infection also presents with common signs and also the symptoms:

  • The affected area usually swells up, feels warm and also the aches for about 72 hours after a new piercing.
  • The area that is around the piercing also tends to be red in color.
  • Bleeding might also occur for a given amount of time.
  • Formation of the abscess, pustules or even the boils that are around the piercing.
  • Pus-like yellow-green discharge is normally seen in most of the people, with foul smell in extreme cases.

Tragus infection no piercing

Swimming isn’t the only method that can be used to get an outer ear infection. You might also be infected if the hairspray or liquids gets into the ear canal. The bacteria that leads to an outer ear infection don’t live in the water. Many of them are in the ear canal or are also picked up in everyday life. However, water and other foreign liquids that are in the ear can give an ideal breeding ground for all of them.

You can also trap the bacteria that is in the ear by use of the cotton ear swabs. The skin of ear canal slowly moves outward just like a conveyor belt, which is carrying the shed fragments of skin away from an eardrum.

Pushing of a cotton swab into an ear goes against the process, and leads to the dead skin and earwax to also build up. Sometimes, scratching of the ear canal can as well promote infection. This also tends to trap a lot of moisture in an ear. Moist skin and also the tissue create a friendly environment for the bacteria and thus allow them to increase, leading to an infection.

Infected tragus piercing pictures

infected tragus piercing

infected tragus piercing


infected tragus piercing

infected tragus piercing


infected tragus piercing

infected tragus piercing

infected tragus piercing

infected tragus piercing

Infected tragus piercing home remedies

  • Lemon: Lemon juice soaks used every day on affected area yields very good results. Mix about 1 teaspoon of lemon juice with 1 glass of water. Apply over the bumps by use of cotton swabs that is dipped in the solution, at least 6 times every day.

It can increase the healing and also prevent development of abscesses.

  • Chamomile: Use of chamomile tea bags as the warm compresses. Alternate chamomile tea that has sea salt soaks. This assists the bumps to be able to heal fast. Always rinse the skin using some water afterwards. You might also use chamomile essential oil over an infected tragus piercing once daily. Blend few drops of chamomile essential oil with a base oil like avocado oil or even the almond oil and then massage in to the affected area daily for 1 week.
  • Change the jewelry piece: Change the jewelry to a smaller. You can as well opt for titanium or even a glass if it is suitable for a piercing. Make sure that you talk to the professional before doing it.
  • Hot application: Use the hot compresses for the pus filled bumps. Place a cotton swab over the bump at least 3 times daily until the pus and also the discharge from the infected tragus piercing starts to drain. Make sure that you keep the whole ear area very clean. In case the crusts form, make sure you gently get rid of them with warm water and also soap.
  • Tea tree essential oil: Another effective aromatherapy essential oil is the tea tree oil. It is an effective anti-septic essential oil which is used to ward off against formation of abscess and also the crusts. For obstinate cases of the infected tragus piercing, boils and also scarring use neat tea tree oil; dab the area using a cotton swab that is dipped in the tea tree oil and use about 2 times daily, results are usually instantaneous.
  • Aspirin: Some of the experts and also dermatologists advise of crushing an aspirin tablet into a powder and then adding about 3 drops of the lemon juice, mixing in to a paste. Apply the paste to the bumps and also the surrounding area. Keep it for 1 hour and then wash it off. Aspirin absorbs through the skin and also opens up the blood vessels, thus, accelerating the process of healing. Do the process a minimum of about twice daily.
  • Sea salt spray: Once the infected tragus piercing has disappeared, you require to obtain a sea salt spray. Experts also recommend use of the sea salt spray very much consistently for 3 months so as to prevent the recurrences.




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