Red Rash around Eyes, Perioral Dermatitis, Not Itchy, Pictures, Around One Eye, Under Eye, Won’t Go Away

Red rash around eyes, Perioral dermatitis, not itchy, pictures, around one eye, under eye, won’t go away

Perioral dermatitis eyes

This is a common inflammatory red rash around eyes. Although the rash can affect other areas around the mouth such as the nose, chin and also the eyes. The condition affects women more due to the frequent association with the topical steroid medication usage. This condition is highly responsive to treatment and its recurrence is rare.

The medics have not established the real cause of the condition, but several factors are said to play a role in development of the condition which includes;

  • Potent topical corticosteroid usage on face. Some of the examples are betamethasone diprioprionate, etc.
  • Use of heavy cosmetics, make-up and moisturizers, or antifungal creams on face
  • Use of face creams, and scrubs
  • Initiating factors like the eyedrops, nasal sprays etc.

What Does Perioral Dermatitis Look Like?

The condition presents as red pimple-like bumps which groups around the mouth, nose and chin. The skin around eyes is occasionally affected. If the lip area is also affected, then the lip is spared.

The condition also affects children. The condition might also be symptomless but burning, tightness as well as some itchiness are common.

No tests are necessary. Most cases of the condition may be diagnosed from a history and examination. When there is resistance, then allergic contact dermatitis should be investigated through patch testing. A specialist referral should be considered.


If the steroid cream is suspected, stop use of the cream altogether. A rebound of the condition may be expected after stopping use of the cream, but do not re-use the steroid cream again. If steroid nasal sprays are suspected, try to rinse the face and mouth after use. Use gentle soap and skin care products and if possible, keep make up use to a minimum.

Doctors advise the use of oral antibiotics as they are most effective. They are effective through anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Usually a 5 week course is prescribed and an additional 5 week course may be repeated. Erythromycin is recommended for children whose teeth have not formed.

Topical medications are not very effective. Some of the topical pimecrolimus has been reported to be the trigger for the condition and should be used with a lot of caution.

Erythromycin suspension is prescribed for treatment of the condition to children who are under the age of 8 years.

Rash under eye not itchy

Any rash under the eye may be itchy or not. The common cause of the condition is contact dermatitis which leads to a rash around the contact between the skin and an allergen. The rash appears to be red together with small bumps that might be itchy or not.

Lyme disease is a cause of itch-less rash. The condition is due to the bacteria from ticks. The rash is red, inflamed and also swollen. Ensure that you consult a dermatologist when the symptoms show up, it is possible to prevent the bacteria from getting to crucial organs like the brain or even the heart.

Lyme disease was first reported in 1977. The children who were affected had juvenile arthritis after experiencing the rash. Involvement of the eye is common in Lyme disease. Eyes can be affected in several different ways by the disease. In early stages, inflammation can develop. Ocular symptoms might include a person having sensitivity to light and floaters.

Rash around eyes pictures

Red rash around eyes

Red rash around eyes

Red rash around eyes

Red rash around eyes

Rash around one eye

There are several things that can lead to rash around one eye. It is very crucial to realize where the rash has occurred, for instance on the eyelid or in the corner of the eye and how it appears like including if the bumps are small, the color of the bumps and if there is any discharge from the area.

For these particular reasons, you should ensure that a new bothersome rash or the one which hasn’t been going away evaluated properly by a specialist for treatment. Explain to the doctor if the rash is itchy or not, and also if the rash is on any other part of the body.

A common rash can appear around one or even both eyes, it is known as eczema which sometimes can be itchy and come and go after a while. Dry and cold weather precipitates the condition. Contact dermatitis may also present in one or both eyes especially if the same eye make-up or cream is used.

Rashes of chronic nature might not be harmful to the eyesight but it is advised that you seek an advice of the doctor as soon as possible.

Small red rash under eye

Many skin conditions can lead to appearance of small red rash around eyes. Most of them are not very serious but if they are accompanied by other symptoms like itchiness and swelling or even getting bigger, it is better to seek an advice of ophthalmologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

There are several conditions that may lead to small red bumps under eyes, including; acne, dermatitis, keratosis pilaris, and rosacea. If you are experiencing an oily skin which is brought about by acne but the skin is dry and the bumps are appearing to be small bumps, then the condition is known as keratosis pilaris.

Itchy under eye bumps might indicate that you have eczema which is brought about by an allergic reaction to an allergen. If you have several bumps on edge of an eyelid or on the eyelid itself, then you might be having a stye or an inflammatory eye condition known as ocular rosacea. Doctors can determine the type of skin condition causing the bumps through examining and talking to you about your symptoms of skin.

Overt-the-Counter and Home Remedies

Home remedies and treatments of red bumps under eyes vary largely depending on the cause of the bumps. Depending on severity, most of the conditions which leads to red rash around eyes may be treated using home-care remedies including application of a warm compressor.

For acne, both use of topical exfoliants like salicylic acid and topical retinoids might greatly help.

If the bumps are itchy and rash-like, taking of antihistamines containing hydrocortisone relieves the symptoms.

Rash around nose won’t go away

The condition might be due to several reasons which include; an allergic reaction, atopic dermatitis, Lyme disease and many others. The case is usually difficult in most of the cases, especially when accompanied by pain and difficult vision.

Ensure that you receive proper diagnosis by consulting a dermatologists where you will have closer examination of the rash so as to determine the root cause as well as proper treatment of the rash around eyes.

The below are some of the potential causes;

  1. Allergic Reactions

This is when you are experiencing hypersensitivity of the body due to a given substance. This might be due to use of new products on your skin especially around the eyes thus makes the skin to be very sensitive. There are several causes for the condition which may include; an eye make-up, facial soap, moisturizing cream, among many other cosmetic products. Some of the materials such as nickel contain allergic chemicals also. Insect bites are also said to lead to allergic reactions of the skin including a red rash around eyes.

  1. Atopic Dermatitis

This is a common type of eczema which appears on the face or even around the eyes although it is not very common in presenting itself around those parts of the skin. The condition is chronic in nature and is characterized by bleeding skin, irritation of skin, skin reddening, peeling as well as hardening of skin.

The condition is said to worsen during emotional disturbance like high stress or anger.

  1. Lyme Disease

This is spread by a bacteria which is transmitted through a bite. The bacterium is known as spirochete which is characterized by an itchy rash, fever, fatigue and also the nervous system impairment.

  1. Autoimmune Condition

Some of the conditions such as systemic lupus might lead to red rash around eyes and also across the nose. The condition is when the parts of the immune system attack the normal parts of the body. The condition is usually accompanied by several other symptoms such as pain, fever or weight loss.

  1. Contact dermatitis

This is the exposure of the skin to allergens. It is said to be the common cause of red rash around eyes and may easily attack people who previously had atopic dermatitis.

Any contact with an allergen leads to a skin reaction which leads to redness and inflammation.

The condition induces a lot of pain and discomfort.

Any contact with the allergens leads to a skin reaction which leads to irritation.

  1. Bacterial Infection

This can lead to swelling around the eyes. The condition is contracted when you handle contact lenses with infected hands.

Cellulitis may also lead to a rash around eyes which is brought about by staph or the strep bacteria.

The infection also leads to a red rash and swelling which feels warm to touch and may be accompanied by fever, chills and development of abscesses. Ensure that you consult a doctor as the condition may develop into a blood infection.

Swimming goggles may also lead to the red rash around eyes. The condition mostly affects children as the rubber that is in goggles irritates the skin provoking a reaction from the skin especially if they are worn tightly.

  1. Herpes

Herpes simplex virus 1 is said to be responsible for cold sores. This also leads to such symptoms as redness, and excessive tear section as well as painful red rash around eyes. The condition can be contracted from one person to another, therefore people are advised to stay clear of all those that are affected.



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