Bumps on Nails, Beaus Nails, Dark Vertical Lines, Vitamin Deficiency, Thyroid, Horizontal, Rippled, How to Get Rid

A look at the Bumps on nails, beaus nails, dark vertical lines, vitamin deficiency, thyroid, horizontal, rippled, how to get rid

Beaus nails

Beau’s lines are the indentations which run across nails. The indentations might also appear when the growth that is at the area which is under the cuticle is largely interrupted by injury or severe illness.

Conditions that are associated with Beau’s lines which include uncontrolled diabetes and peripheral vascular disease, and illnesses that is associated with a high fever, like scarlet fever, mumps as well as the pneumonia. Beau’s lines might also be an indication of zinc deficiency.

Beau’s lines appear on nails as the horizontal ridges or even the grooves. The French physician Joseph- Honoré-Simon Beau is the one who is credited with the name as he was one of the first people to document that explained the relationship that exists between physical “tells” or indicators and also the systemic health problems.

Bumps on nails

Bumps on nails

When the body suffers a trauma there is often evidence of bumps on nails. Beau’s lines are an example of the body producing a lot of evidence of a systemic problem.

Beau’s lines are usually brought about when the body stops producing the nail cells for some period of time, anywhere from a day. When the body starts producing those particular cells again, the nails starts to grow.

As the nail grows out, Beau’s lines can also appear on nail and also the techs can be able to see where the nail’s development was largely affected.

Most commonly Beau’s nails might be traced back to an infection, but other systemic problems might also be the cause. Patients who usually undergo chemotherapy, for instance, might develop the Beau’s nails, as the chemicals might lead to systemic trauma.

Dark vertical lines on nails

A narrow black line which has formed vertically under your nail is known as a splinter hemorrhage. It happens for several reasons and might be harmless or even a sign of a serious health condition.

Bumps on nails

dark vertical lines on nails

This condition is known as a splinter hemorrhage as it might appear like a wood splinter that is under your nail. The condition is usually brought about by damaged small blood vessels that are underneath your nail. Characteristics include the listed below:

  • Black or brown in color.
  • Doesn’t change the look when you apply some pressure to the nail.
  • It appears on one or even more places that are under your nail.

Thicker lines which create a horizontal stripe on nail are known as Beau’s lines. These are not harmful, but they might be a symptom of a cancer known as subungual melanoma.

Black lines on nail might be due to several conditions.

Trauma is the most common causes of the splinter hemorrhages. This can happen when something hurts the nail bed and then bursts a blood vessel under your nail. You might also experience nail trauma without realizing it, like when you squeeze something tightly.

Endocarditis is a heart condition which can lead to splinter hemorrhages. Fifteen percent of those people with endocarditis experience the splinter hemorrhages.

Endocarditis happens when the inner chambers or even the valves of heart have an infection. You might also experience several other serious heart conditions due to endocarditis. Endocarditis generally happens in those that have preexisting cardiac conditions.

Psoriasis might also lead to bumps on nails. Psoriasis is usually a chronic skin condition which can manifest as scales on the skin. Up to 48 percent of people with psoriasis have splinter hemorrhages and several other nail conditions.

Causes of splinter hemorrhages vary and might include:

  • infections
  • lupus
  • lichen planus
  • medications which alter blood clotting
  • kidney, lung, or circulatory diseases

Vertical ridges on nails vitamin deficiency

Fingernails might also indicate health problems by appearance. Nail abnormalities normally involve shape, color as well as the thickness of nails.

Depression lines in fingernails, also called the beau lines, occur because of the malnutrition or even an injury to the nail. Other possible conditions that are available include koilonychia, fingernail pitting as well as the ridges.

According to studies, liver diseases, kidney diseases as well as the vitamin deficiencies might lead to nail abnormalities which includes bumps on nails.

Contact a doctor if your nails are appearing to be blue, or horizontally ridged or if you see some white color under them.

Vertical Fingernail Ridges

Fingernail ridges are not usually a health concern. There is a distinction which exists between vertical as well as the horizontal fingernail ridges. Vertical ridges are normal and are not an indication of a medical health concern.

They usually extend from the base of your fingernail to tip in an aligned and also orderly positioning. They appear prominently with age.

Horizontal Fingernail Ridges

Horizontal fingernail ridges are but not always, an indication of a medical condition. Horizontal ridges normally run across the nail from one side to another side. Ridges which include white lines might be an indication of arsenic poisoning.

bumps on nails

Ridges on nails

Horizontal dents, on the other hand are an indication of beau lines. Beau lines happen because of malnutrition, uncontrolled diabetes or even the circulatory diseases.

Vitamin Deficiencies

B vitamins are vitamins that have key functions which includes cell growth. Vitamin B-12 of B vitamin complex strengthens the nail growth; thus, a deficiency in B vitamins might lead to fingernail ridges.

Iron deficiency leads to the ridges in fingernails that is usually accompanied with the white spots; Koilonychia is a condition which is associated with the iron deficiency. Other vitamins as well as the minerals that leads to other nail abnormalities are the vitamin C and calcium.

Poor absorption of vitamins will cause vitamin deficiencies. Consult a doctor if the horizontal ridges persist or you notice that discoloration like yellowness or even the green nails.


A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and protein will help prevent fingernail ridges. Eat whole grain foods, vegetables as well as the fruits regularly so as to achieve the recommended intake levels for the vitamins.

Consider supplements if your diet is lacking some of the vitamins as well as the nutrients. To avoid nail abnormalities do not bite nails. Clip hangnails, keep nails short and also avoid nail polish.

Horizontal nail ridges

Also called the Beau’s lines, horizontal ridges in your nails are signs of a problem that is lurking in your body. What they are showing largely depends on your overall health. Here are some of the common issues due to the bumps on nails.

  1. Injury, Biting or Chemicals

Sometimes an injury to nail or eve the finger can lead to the lines, like crushing the nail, for instance. Sometimes runners can have toenails rub against their shoe, hence causing horizontal lines.

The same manner may also apply to the habit of biting nails. In additions, some of the chemicals such as nail polisher can lead to the nail peeling and become very much brittle in long time exposure.

  1. Infections

Bacterial infections have been indicated to lead to horizontal ridges in nails. Yeast or several other fungal infections can cause nail issues and one of the symptoms can be having horizontal ridges.

Other infections such as the heart valve infections and the viral warts can change the way your nail looks, which includes the horizontal ridges.

  1. Diseases and Surgeries

Many of the serious diseases can cause problems with your nails. These might include diseases of kidneys, thyroid, and even skin. Some of the skin cancers show up first as horizontal nail ridges.

Some of the surgeries can cause the problem as well, especially the ones that affect the amount of oxygen that is in the blood. Melanoma that has aggressive property can also cause nail ridges as well as the dark colors of cuticle.

  1. Poisons

Though this is very much rare, some of the poisons can cause horizontal ridges, like the arsenic poisoning or even an overdose of the silver. Some of the chemotherapy treatments are harsh and can even be considered poisonous; these might also lead to the ridges.

Ridges in nails thyroid

Your fingernails are a barometer of your health. There are two types of ridges which can appear on your nails: vertical as well as the horizontal. Vertical ridges run from the cuticle to tip of your nail and are common, especially as you get older. These ridges are usually no cause for concern.

Horizontal ridges run from side to side on nails and are normally known as the Beau’s lines. Horizontal ridges might be brought about by trauma to nail and might be deep or even discolored. The might also indicate malnutrition or a thyroid problem.

Check with your doctor if you have some horizontal ridges on your nails; they might be indicating a serious problem.

Vertical nail ridges

Having vertical ridges and bumps on nails refers to presence of tiny raised lines or ridges which run up and down the length of your nail.

Ridges are among the kinds of nail abnormalities which develop because of aging, trauma, or even underlying medical conditions. Most of the people notice an increase in vertical ridges of fingernails as they age, and this might also be a normal development.

Aging has been described as the predominant cause of the vertical ridges on fingernails. Onychorrhexis is the medical term that is usually used to describe longitudinal ridges on your nails that normally accompany the bumps on nails.

In contrast to longitudinal ridges, Beau’s lines are horizontal or transverse depressions in nail that might be confused with the nail ridging.

These are brought about by diseases which affect the entire body that includes malnutrition, heart attack, severe infections, as well as the metabolic disturbances, and poorly controlled diabetes.

Rippled nails

The condition of the fingernails might also have a lot of things to do with your overall health. Several health problems, which ranges from vitamin deficiency to psoriasis, can show up in appearance of your nails.

If a person is suffering from rippled thumbnails, it can be time to start looking at his lifestyle, or even see your doctor. Learning the causes as well as the treatments for rippled thumbnails might assist help you to feel better in the long run.

Imperfections in your fingernails shows a lot about your condition. A bluish tint to the nails might signal that you have lung problems, while a pale nail bed might assist identify anemia.

Conditions which affect the blood flow to nails or even suppress the immune system might lead to uneven nail growth. Your nails may assist to signal a problem even when other several symptoms are minor.

Paying attention to rippling of the nails can allow you to catch problems early and then get effective treatment.


One common cause of the bumps on nails is inflammatory arthritis. This disease normally affects just about two digits, and includes joint pain. Psoriatic arthritis can affect growth of nails, leading to an irregular surface, and can then eventually deform the digit itself.

Rippled nails can indicate a fungal infection, an iron deficiency, or even a lack of calcium in diet.

How to get rid of nail ridges

There are several ways which we can cure the ridged bumps on nails. It can be done by use of self-help treatments and also by natural ingredients.

Nutritional diet

Balanced diet

It should have proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates as well as mineral irons. To avoid malnutrition and the malabsorption, you should eat food full of nutrients.

Omega 3 fatty acids

These have antioxidant properties which gets rid of the free radicals from the body. Fish as well as the nuts are a source of omega 3 fatty acids. Including this in your diet ca give your nails a very healthy appearance.


Water ensures that our body tissues are properly hydrated. Proper functioning of the body organs is then enhanced by consumption of sufficient amount of water.


Coconut oil

Tackling the bumps on nails might also be done by use of the coconut oil as it has the antifungal properties. It makes a barrier on nail against moisture thus preventing multiplication of the fungus. Apply this on nail or finger which is affected at least three times in a day.

Lemon juice

Treatment of infections that are related to bumps on nails might also be done by lemon as it has both the antifungal as well as the antibacterial properties. Mixing of the lemon juice with a small amount of iodine and applying it on your nails about 3 times per day to prevent symptoms of fungal infection is recommended.


Bumps on nails can also be cured by garlic as it has strong antifungal ingredients. Crush fresh garlic clove and use it directly on the nail area which is affected or you may as well add any base oil like the olive or even coconut oil.


Bumps on nails can also be treated by yogurt as it has Lactobacillus acidophilus. Apply it on nails keeping it for 20 minutes before washing and then drying the nails. For effective results apply it thrice every day.



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