Red Rash around Mouth, Child, Eczema, Pictures, Baby, Adults, Toddler, Corners Of Mouth And Treatment

Red rash around mouth, child, Eczema, pictures, baby, adults, toddler, corners of mouth and treatment

Rash around mouth child

Rash is one of the common reasons for the child visits to the doctor. Parents are advised to observe a rash for some days before contacting a doctor as most of the rashes will disappear after some period of time without any need of treatment. The toddler’s mouth rash are mostly mild and may be treated or prevented through the use of simple measures.

Causes of Rash around Child’s Mouth

You are advised that you should take your child immediately to the doctor if the rash on your child is accompanied by several other symptoms such as vomiting, high fever or overall behavioral changes. You should also know that the trash may have several causes;

i)                 Drool Rash

The toddler experiences irritation and redness or excessive drool which mostly occurs on the face. Most of the babies experience red rash around mouth at some point in their life.

It is caused by constant moisture which affects the sensitive skin when rubbed on surfaces like piloows due to the friction and irritation.

The rash can lead to infant impetigo which is contagious and is indicated by yellow colored crusting of the rash area and blistering.

Drool rash is not serious and won’t require any kind of treatment in most of the cases and one of the recommended treatments is through use of antibacterial barrier before night. Another available option is through use of gentle soap and applying a lubricant. Do not solely on a lubricant as it is capable of trapping bacteria inside.

However, the best recommended way is keeping your child as dry as possible by using a bib or by using a clean cloth or even an absorbent material.

  1. Oral Thrush

This is one of the common causes around a toddler’s mouth especially in infants under six months of age. It is said to be brought about by candida albicans especially when it overgrows. The yeast naturally happens within the digestive tract but the immune system controls its growth. Due to the low immune system in infants, the thrush is common in them. The thrush increases after taking of antibiotics or even the child has a lung infection.

The thrush disappears after about 2 weeks. Doctors recommend giving children yoghurt to increase the levels of beneficial bacteria so as to allow the body fight the increasing yeast levels. If the child regularly develops the thrush, then it might be another health concern affecting the child.

  • Hand Foot and Mouth

This disease causes rash around the mouth, feet and hands. Sometimes it can also affect the legs and buttocks of the children. The illness last for less than a week. It affects children especially during summer. It spreads through infected stools and frequently affects a community. The symptoms take about 6 days.

The initial symptoms includes a high fever, sore and blisters appearing on feet, hands and mouth. Doctors do not prescribe any treatment for the disease but you can give your child some painkillers to reduce the pain.

Eczema around mouth

Atopic dermatitis is a condition which develops during childhood, according to the doctors, about 2o percent of the world’s population suffers from the condition. The cause of the condition has not been established but it is said to run in many families and is very common especially in the families with allergies.

Lip eczema, which happens near mouth, leads to redness of the lips, inflammation as well as severe itching. There is no cure for this kind of condition but it can be managed by use of over-the-counter treatments and also avoidance of allergens.

The lip eczema can lead to dryness of the lips and mouth area. Use of over-the-counter moisturizer is highly advised so as to assist in locking the moisture. Doctors recommend the use of such a moisturizer within a period of 3 minutes when an individual gets out of bath. You can use plain petroleum jelly as is resistant to lip licking.

Hydrocortisone is the primary treatment that is used for red rash around mouth due to eczema. Apply around the mouth area so as to assist in reducing the redness of the lips and inflammation. Apply the cream immediately after taking a bath. Creams that have hydrocortisone are found in most of the pharmacies.

Most of the soaps as well as facial cleaners can worsen the condition. Just make use of the plain water and a soap substitute for the mouth area that requires a deeper cleansing.

This condition is very itchy, scratching can make it to be severe. This damages the skin making it much vulnerable to the bacterial infection. The use of antihistamines can relieve itching and also improve sleep. Use of oral antihistamines relieves restlessness and prevent scratching.

Rash on lips pictures

Red rash around mouth

Red rash around mouth

Red rash around mouth

Red rash around mouth

Rash around mouth baby

Drooling is a side effect of teething but many of the children experiences drooling even when they are not getting new teeth.

The presence of saliva on the baby’s chin can lead to a drool rash. This particular rashes appear as raised patches that have red bumps. They also have a chapped appearance.

It is very difficult to keep a baby from drooling. According to the doctors, immediately after the baby’s salivary gland starts to work from the age of about 3 months leads to drooling even though the baby might not be teething.

When the baby is experiencing a drool rash. So as to prevent the rash, you are advised to keep a soft burp on hand so that you wipe away the drool as this is the best way that ca be used to remedy against the drool rash. Ensure that you wipe the baby’s face and neck frequently, especially after feeding him.

Gently wash the affected areas twice daily then pat dry which is very irritating to the sensitive skin. Ensure that the baby’s skin is very dry. Use a healing ointment such as Aquaphor so as to act as a barrier between the skin of the baby and the drool.

Rash around mouth adults

Rash around mouth can affect people of any gender, race or even age, although the rash might be less visible on people with darker skin.

Most of the rashes are not very serious to the extent of requiring you a trip to the doctor butr can just be treated at home. But ensure that you see a doctor only if;

  • You feel uncomfortable and losing sleep or distracted from daily routines.
  • Skin feels painful
  • You suspect that there is an infection as trhe area has a whooping pus
  • The problem seems not to be getting better with use of self-treatment within a period of one week

Perioral dermatitis might the condition which is leading to your small red rash around mouth to appear. The rash can also spread to nearby areas such as the chin and cheeks thus making the areas to appear flaky. The bumps might also appear like acne and be filled with fluid. They can itch when getting worse.

Doctors diagnose the condition just by physical examination. Treatment quiting use of the steroid creams or the nasal sprays that have steroids as it makes the rash worse. Your physician can also prescribe the use of immunosuppressants and other acne medications depending on the case.

Rash around mouth toddler

Several things can cause a rash in babies and they are not supposed to cause any worry. But ensure that you call a doctor only if the child is;

  • Having a stiff neck
  • bothered a lot by light
  • Appearing to be confused
  • Shaking uncontrollably
  • Having high fever
  • Having unusually cold hands and feet

A fever and a red rash on cheeks can be an indication of the slapped cheek syndrome. The child might experience a cold and also the rash might spread to the body. This, however, clears up within a period of one week. Use of children’s paracetamol can bring down the fever.

Redness around corners of mouth

Angular cheilitis is usually an inflammation of the corners of mouth. Such corners are usually reddened with skin breaking and crusting. The skin can also be itchy and very painful. The condition can last for a few days or even several years.

Red rash around mouth is usually brought about by an infection or allergies. Irritants may include drooling, licking of the lips, poorly fitted dentures, exposure to the sun and smoking.

Treatment for this condition is usually based on underlying causes together with the use of barrier cream. An antifungal or antibacterial cream may be used.

The red rash around mouth can sometimes affect some sides of the mouth, but in some cases, the lesion might be confined to lips mucosa, although it may extend past the vermilion border.

The condition is fairly common estimated to affect about 1% of the population in the world, occurring often to the 30s and 60s although might sometimes affect the children. It is said to be caused by vitamin deficiencies in the developing world.

Chronic iron deficiencies can also lead to the condition although it is not well indicated by the doctors but it is said to lead to decreased efficiency of the immune system which can allow an opportunistic infection of the candida.

Systemic disorders are also said to be involved in the angular cheilitis due to the association of malabsorption and creation of the nutritional deficiencies.

Lip enlargement can be caused by some other disorders thus altering the local anatomy of the corners of mouth.

Rash on lips treatment

As indicated earlier, the treatment for the rash on lips largely depends on what is causing it. It is brought about by contact dermatitis, then all forms of topical agents on the skin area should be stopped so that the rash resolves quickly.

Treatment of the red rash around mouth is necessary only if it becomes extreme and refuse to resolve as expected on its own. This is usually managed through the use of steroid creams and lotions although it is prohibited in case of the lip eczema.

For severe cases, red rash around lips that is brought about by perioral dermatitis, use of oral corticosteroids is recommended for its treatment. Antibiotics may be used if the rash do not resolve despite stopping all forms of topical agents.

Do not pick at the rash so as to reduce the chance of the condition worsening and putting yourself at risk of infections. Just keep the area clean so as to get rid of the red rash around mouth



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