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Fordyce Spots on Lips

Studies indicate that more than 8% of the adults are affected by Fordyce spots. The condition affects people and starts to develop mostly during childhood. Children have small Fordyce spots on lips which become larger and prevalent during puberty.

Clinical studies indicate that men suffer from the condition more than women. Also, the spots can enlarge and form clusters into adulthood. For the women, the spots stop to develop after about the age of 50. But, most men who are suffering from the Fordyce spots on lips will have them for most of their lives unless there’s an urgent medical intervention.

White Spots on Lips Pictures

White spots on lips

White spots on lips

White spots on lips

White spots on lips

White Dots on Lips When Stretched

Having white spots on lips can make you feel self-conscious or lower your self-esteem. Whether they are harmless or not, nobody wants to have them.


These spots may be small or bigger in size. They can also be flat or raised (pimple-like).  Also, they can form patches, widespread or even exist singly. Finally, they can be painful (cause burning feeling) or even be painless.

These whitish dots affect any area that is around your lips which includes your inside, on corners, on the upper, lower, or be along your lip line, and the entire mouth cavity. In fact, some of the bumps might also be on face or any other part of your body.


They have several causes. Some of the causes may be genetic while others are because of some illness, some abnormalities or even poor personal hygiene.

  1. Fordyce Spots

If you have yellowish, white or even a pale bump-like dots that have sharp demarcation between the red colored part of your lip and your skin, they may be Fordyce spots, also called sebaceous prominence.

According to doctors, this spots are pale red, yellow-white or skin-colored bumps which appear on the shaft of penis, the labia, or the vermilion border of lips of a person’s face. The spots are usually about 3mm in size, and they happen mostly when you have a sebaceous gland which lacks a hair follicle.

Besides being on your vermilion border, they tend to affect the buccal mucosa -which is the inner lining of cheeks and lips.

This is according to the doctors, who say that common sites of occurrence of this spots are the buccal mucosa, the upper lip vermilion, and also the mandibular retromolar pad.

Fordyce spots mostly affect the male and female, and they are not associated with an illness or infections. They are mostly painless, harmless and they are not an indication of STI or cancer.  Fordyce granules tend to be bigger in size and more visible when you grow older.

Treatment: Treatment is discouraged. But, if you really want to treat the spots, the common treatments are electrodessication, which is the use of pulsed dye lasers, and also micro-punch technique.  Chemical peels as well as anti-sebum ointments can also be of some help.

  1. HPV STD

The other reason might be Human papillomavirus infection. This infection is brought about by about 200 different HPV strains, some of which are linked to cancer of cervix, vulva, and also the penis as well as oropharyngeal and mouth cancers.

HPV is an STD which is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. You might also get it through vaginal, anal, or even oral sex with someone who has the virus.

Once you are infected with it, HPV affects the genital areas (vagina, cervix, penis, as well as the anus) and also the throat and mouth, and can lead to genital and oral warts respectively.

Oral HPV can lead to warts “anywhere within the oral cavity or on even on the lips, which might be white and dome-shaped or even flat-topped growths the same color was your mouth.

For the case of lips, they are common on inner part where their appearance vary from being small to spiked or even the cauliflower-like masses that have projections.

It is a fact that HPV can lead to the dots or bumps. They are mostly painless unless irritated and you can have just one of them or in multiples.

Treatment: HPV is not curable but some of the cases disappear without treatment. Going for HPV vaccines have indicated to largely assist in reduction of the condition thus reducing risks of cervical and genital cancers. It is not indicated if these vaccines can assist in reducing risks of oral cancer because of HPV oral infections.

In case of a sore on your lips that doesn’t go away after two weeks, leads to pain when swallowing or even a persistent lump on your neck, then you should see your doctor.

  1. Milia – small and hard to touch

If you have small whitish headed bumps which keep on coming and disappearing, you could be having milia. Milia is usually associated with small, hard, white bumps that are common on face but “can happen on mucous membranes like the inner surface of the cheek or even the vermillion border of the lips.

Milia on Lips

Your lips assist you to communicate with the world. When you have white bumps on them, you might feel self-conscious. These particular bumps can have several causes. While most aren’t of much concern, sometimes white bumps indicate oral cancer. Seeking medical attention ensures that you stay as healthy as possible.


Several causes can cause white bumps on lips. These particular include:

Fordyce spots: These are harmless, tiny (about 2 millimeter) white bumps that are inside the lips, visible sebaceous glands. These spots get bigger as you get older. A person can have one small bump or more on lips, usually on inner portion.

Herpes simplex: Oral herpes can lead to white bumps on the lips. These can first appear as small sores, which then become blistered and then fluid-filled.

Milia: Common in babies, milia are the small, white bumps which happen when the dead skin cells are trapped in skin. While milia commonly happen on face, they also might appear on lips.

Oral cancer: A white bump that may have a flat or even raised texture can also appear on the face. The bump is painless at first, but might eventually start to ulcerate. Sun exposure, tobacco use, and the human papillomavirus are all known oral cancer causes.

Oral thrush: Oral thrush is a fungal infection which leads to white lesions on lips, gums, or even the tonsils. The fungus Candida albicans is the common fungal strain which leads to oral thrush.

Fordyce spots

These particular spots are the sebaceous glands which are large enough to be seen, but they are completely harmless.

When to seek medical help

White spots on lips are not a reason to seek emergency medical attention. But, you may wish to make an appointment with your doctor if you have the below indicated symptoms together with white bumps on lips:

  • bumps which are painful
  • bumps which bleed
  • jaw or neck swelling
  • trouble swallowing
  • fever or sore throat

If your white bumps don’t go away after a period of about two weeks, then you should make an appointment to see your doctor.

How they’re diagnosed

Your doctor can take a full medical history and then conduct a physical exam so as to view the white bumps on lips. The doctor can also feel your face as well as the jaw for swelling and also examine your lips and the insides of lips. They can also examine your neck for the lymph node swelling.

If required, your doctor can also swab your lip. This is called a culture. A laboratory culture determines if bacteria, or fungi might be leading to the bumps. If your doctor suspects that you might be having oral cancer, a tissue sample will then be collected so as to test for cancerous cells.

In most of the cases, a doctor can diagnose the white bumps on lips by a visual examination. Blood tests can determine if the herpes virus is present.

Treatment options

Treatment for the white bumps on lips largely depends on the causes of your symptoms. Some of the conditions, like the Fordyce spots, do not need any kind of treatment. But, if you don’t like the appearance of the spots, getting rid of them is possible. Doctors can use various techniques including laser treatments to get rid of them.

Thrush is normally treated by use of the anti-fungal medications, like a liquid solution which you swish in your mouth and then swallow.

Antiviral medications might also temporarily get rid of your oral herpes symptoms, but they won’t permanently heal the viral infection.

Oral cancers need different treatments that are based on condition’s severity. Treatments include surgical removal of affected lesion or radiation to stop the cancer’s spread.

White Pimple on Lip

Small white bumps appear on lips due to different causes. While some types of lip bumps might be benign, others might be symptoms that are associated with some of the medical conditions.

Sexually transmitted diseases and allergic reactions are medical conditions which can present symptoms of white bumps on lips. Because lip bumps might be symptoms of several ailments, it is crucial to seek a medical diagnosis for proper treatment options.

Fordyce Granules

This are small, whitish papules which might develop on genital areas, but also appears commonly on border of lips. These particular granules, which might form as small group cluster, are the sebaceous glands which have no hair follicles. Believed to be present at birth, the bumps starts to grow and are more visible after the stage of puberty. Found in approximately 95 percent of adult population, fordyce spots are non-contagious and do not need treatment.

Oral Herpes

Brought about by the herpes virus, this is an oral infection which leads to cold sores to develop on lip and mouth areas. The virus is very contagious and might be transmitted via personal contact, like kissing or even use of infected items.

Accompanying symptoms of this condition can be very painful lip papules, fever and also swollen neck glands. Although the condition might also clear on its own within 2 weeks, antiviral medication might assist with the symptoms. Recurrence of virus is possible, and also complications can happen in people who have some medical conditions, like cancer.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer might present several symptoms, which includes bumps in mouth, throat or even lip areas. Some of the specific symptoms of lip cancer are lip sores which might not heal and lumps that are very hard.

Risk factors for the oral cancer include excessive use of tobacco and also precancerous conditions like leukoplakia. If left untreated, oral cancer might be fatal. Having regular dental checkups can assist in the early detection and also treatment of suspicious lip bumps.

Small Bumps On Lips No Pain

Tiny bumps on lips might be brought about by several things which range from mild to serious. There are various cases where bumps on lips might be acne caused by poor skin health or even hormonal imbalance. There are other cases where they are an indication of the condition. When there are various bumps on your lips, it is crucial that you note the bumps’ general characteristics like their size. This makes it easy for your physician to determine their cause and thus enable them to rule out serious illness.

Skin tags is a harmless skin growth that is said to start forming when there is a repeated friction. Skin tags form in body parts and might look like white spots on lips. They are small bumps on lips and resemble the skin in terms of color. Even though they are not usually painful, they can cause annoyance. There are several techniques dermatologists use to get rid of the skin tags like cutting or freezing them.

Pimples might start to form at the edge of lips. They are painful but disappear after a few days.

Acne pimples mostly form on skin which is next to lips and normally resemble that on several other areas.

They might also have white heads under your skin and then resemble a white bump. There are other times when the bumps are very painful as the lips are sensitive. People having such bumps can try to apply a warm compress on the bump so as to reduce the swelling and help it disappear faster.

How to Get Rid Of Fordyce Spots

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has several benefits which includes its effect on hair, skin, etc. It is used as a toner, and it has also been proven that it assists to tighten the pores of skin, thus, releasing the extra sebum from it. It is an all-natural fordyce spots cure, and it can reduce the spots quickly.

Today, natural treatments are more famous. People look for natural ways that can be used to treat small diseases on skin, and apple cider vinegar is the way.

  • Mix equal quantities of water and apple cider vinegar, keep the cotton swabs ready.
  • After thoroughly mixing them, absorb it in cotton swabs and apply it on the spots.
  • Do not rub, gently touch the swab on lips where the spots have already appeared.
  • Leave the ACV solution on affected area for some period of time and then wash it off using lukewarm water and a mild soap.
  • Make sure that it is the mildest soap that is available in the market as the skin of the face is very sensitive.
  1. Argan Oil

Argan oil is the oil which is produced from the kernels of argan tree. It is also called Argania spinosa, and it is mostly used in culinary arts as a topping on couscous and pasta.

Apart from the use in food industry, it is used as a moisturizer for skin as it is absorbed into skin quickly and does not leave the skin oily after application. Argan oil assists in reducing the fordyce spots due to its cleansing properties and its high linoleic acid content.

This drives the extra sebum out of blocked pores, which assists you regain the smooth skin on lips. You may also use it on oily skin as it is a good remedy to treat blemishes due to a similar. Apart from this, argan oil is an excellent skin toner, which assists you to clean the skin off any moisturizer residue. This makes sure that no foreign components can do harm to your skin.

Availability of this oil should not be an issue as it is a common name that is used in the kitchen industry, and now in cosmetic industry.

You may also buy it from a nearby store or online.

Just rub about 2 drops of the oil on your fingers till it is a little warm, and then apply it to lips where fordyce spots are visible.

Do this for 1 week, and you will begin to notice the difference.

If not, it is then advised that you see a dermatologist for a consultation.

How to Get Rid Of White Bumps on Lips

There is no known way to prevent white vitiligo spots or cure them. But, if brought about by herpes or any other fungal infection, the doctor might prescribe a treatment which is an anti-fungal, antibacterial or even antiviral medications.

The treatment of the white spots around and even on your lips depend on the causes or underlying cause. Small white papules on lips are usually treated by getting rid of the underlying cause. Below are the treatments that are applied to do away with white lip dots after a diagnosis by the physician.

  • Cold sores are treated by use of the antivirals that treats herpes simplex.
  • White spots brought about by sunburn can be treated by use of vitamin E ointments for the lips.
  • If the cause is contact allergy, then you may remove the white spots on lips through taking ant-allergens and also avoiding the substances which leads to allergic reaction.
  • Fordyce spots on the lips treatment involves laser treatment of lips, which uses the pulse dye laser beams.
  • Oral thrush and lip cancer might also be treated just like how other cancers are cured. This involves removal of cancerous tissue on lips or use of the chemotherapy treatments.



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