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An outlook of white Spots on Tongue, single white spot, red spots on tongue, Red Patches on Tongue, pictures, lie bumps, on side of tongue

Single White Spot on Tongue

A white spot in mouth that is appearing flat, painless and also smooth indicate presence of a condition known as leukoplakia. Usually, these is always a white patch in your mouth which do not rub off, unlike white areas that are brought about by a fungal infection such as thrush.

White Spots on Tongue

White Spots on Tongue

The causes of this condition are not completely known by the medical fraternity but can be related to use of tobacco (which includes smokeless tobacco), irritation from teeth as well as the practice of chewing betel nuts.

  1. Allergic Reactions

Allergic reaction to allergens such as pet dander, medication, etc. can lead to your tongue swelling which is as bad as a white dot on tongue. Allergies produce several other symptoms such as cutaneous sensation mouth, face or throat, trouble in respiratory, dizziness, hives, etc.

  1. Vitamin Deficiency and Anemia

Lack of vitamins, especially the one that is rich in vitamin B-12, causes you to have a white spot on tongue. Make sure that you have the diet rich in vitamin B-12 that embodies liver, mackerel fish, fortified soy merchandise, red meat, cheese, and eggs.

There is a link that exists between a white spot on tongue and being anemic. A first common symptom of this condition is a sleek red strapping tongue, nausea, depression, right ear hearing loss, etc. It’s brought about by a deficiency of vitamin B12 as well as iron.

Red Spots on Tongue

The formation of red bumps on tongue is a troublesome but common tongue problem which can be brought about by several reasons. The condition is accompanied by a lot of pain, burning sensation as well as inflammation. Nonetheless, in some of the cases, a red bump on tongue might also be painless.

Causes of Red Bumps on Tongue

Tongue injuries that are caused by tongue biting, harsh brushing etc, are the most common causes of sore red bumps on tongue. Repeated tongue trauma might also lead to Oral Fibromas after a period of time. However, they usually do not lead to melanoma.

Oral Fibromas also develop on insides of the cheeks, lips and other such other areas. The condition is usually characterized by whitish fibrous tumor-like growths of oral soft tissues. Removal of large Fibromas that leads to difficulty while you are speaking is supposed to be done by a qualified dentist.

Canker sores and allergic reactions, oral herpes, early stage syphilis, viral infections and also bacterial infections are some of the typical red bumps on tongue causes a lot of discomfort.

Prolonged use of antibiotics might also lead to the same. In some of the cases, Strep Throat gives rise to the problem of red spots on tongue.

Apart from this, factors such as hormonal changes as well as nutritional deficiencies, especially that of iron, folic acid and also vitamin B 12 increase the chances of developing the common red bumps on tongue, whether on its surface or below the tongue.

Factors such as improper oral hygiene, lack of moisture on tongue, drinking a lot of coffee, cigarette smoking and also getting radiation therapy, can lead to development of hairy tongue that is characterized by overgrowth of papillae on tongue.


Some ways of dealing with painful red bumps on tongue are as indicated below:

  • Applying ice on affected area so as to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Rinsing the mouth using saline solution so as to cure red bumps that are brought about by infection. Saline solution are easily prepared by mixing a teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of lukewarm water. For better results, hold the solution in mouth for about 45 seconds, swish it in mouth and then spit. You are advised not to swallow.
  • Focus on oral hygiene so as to prevent the condition from worsening.

Moreover, have a nutritious diet emphasizing on inclusion of vitamin B and C rich foods like citrus fruits, sprouts, cabbage etc. Drink sufficient amount of water at regular intervals so as to avoid dry mouth as it usually creates several other mouth and tongue related problems.

Besides, restrict consumption of alcohol and avoid cigarette smoking so as to avoid further troubles as the substances irritate the tongue further. In addition, avoid having foods or drinks when they are still hot to bear. Needless to add, stay away from spicy foods.

Red Patches on Tongue

There are several reasons for the red spots on tongue, which might not necessarily root in STD, HIV or other life-threatening ailments.

  1. Inflamed papillae

A common reason for having painful red spots on tongue is inflamed papillae. This is brought about by consumption of extremely spicy and hot food, accidentally biting your tongue. Smokers get these spots which are mostly are self-healing.

  1. Strawberry Tongue

A common reason for having red dots on tongue is because of a condition which is known as strawberry tongue. In case you are experiencing the condition, your tongue may change from being pink color to strawberry color having enlarged, red style buds dotting the tongue, enlarging your style buds and appearing as red dots on tongue surface.

Possible causes of this condition indicate the lack of nutrient B-12 and B-complex vitamin, benign migratory inflammation, etc.

  1. Scarlet Fever

One of the possible reasons that leads to the red or white spots on tongue is a condition known as scarlatina. The condition could either be because of microorganism pharyngitis or even the strep throat or septic inflammatory diseases or even a sore throat or raw throat infection brought about by the varied strains of strep.

If you have scarlatina, then your tongue can become pale and largely coated with red spots.

The mild red rash appear on upper chest and neck before spreading to several other body parts like your tongue, nose, etc. They look like sandpaper.

Other symptoms of this condition is fever, headache or nausea. Its treatment comprises of a ten-day course of phenoxymethylpenicillin or some alternative antibiotics.

  1. Kawasaki Sickness

This is a contagious sickness that affects children mainly who are below the age of 5 years. It affects their humor nodes, skin as well as their mouth.

It leads to fever, swollen feet soles, as well as palms turning purple, swollen humor nodes, swollen tongue that has a white coating and also massive red bumps, cracked lips, rashes on chest, genital area and also the abdomen, severely red eyes, etc.

If untreated, it can lead to complications and blood vessels inflammation whenever heartbeat pattern is interfered with. Treatment is normally done by intravenous (IV) doses of globulin.

  1. Oral Cancer

Oral cancer affects several components of your mouth, lips, the front of tongue and the underneath it. Cancer on rear of the tongue is taken into account as a part of throat cancer.

In its early stages, the sore mouth doesn’t lead to any pain, and it might start as a tiny spot on your tongue, i.e. painless red or white spot on tongue.

It’s also common to misinterpret cancer with a sore mouth. To be certain that it is cancer, the symptoms includes:

  • Sores in your mouth areas like the tongue won’t go away easily and tend to bleed often.
  • Tenderness and numbness in any part of your mouth.
  • Suffering pain in eating, speaking and also the tongue movement.
  • The constant feeling that something is stuck in throat.
  • Squamous cells.
  1. Canker Sores

Most people confuse canker sores to be cancerous as they’re painful. But, that’s not always the case. Canker sores heal in 2 weeks. If the issue doesn’t is not resolved by that time, then you should consider taking an appointment with an Orthodontist’s.

You might be required to go under Carcinoma treatment that is to be done by radiotherapy, surgery and also targeted drug medical aid. The alternative conditions are:

  • Erythroleukoplakia – This comprises of red and white spots on tongue which are mostly cancerous. In case you’ve got them, and they last for over a period of two weeks, ensure that you get checked.
  • Erythroplakia – These are red patches on tongue which are malignant, i.e., about 90 % cases of erythroplakia are said to be cancerous; thus you must not ignore red-colored spots in your mouth.”

White Spots on Tongue Pictures

White bumps on tongue

White bumps on tongue

Lie Bumps on Tongue

About 50% of the adults in the US experience lie bumps at some point in their life. These white or red bumps usually form when papillae is irritated and is slightly swollen. It’s not clear why this occurs, but it can be related to stress, or particular foods. Although they might also be uncomfortable, lie bumps aren’t serious and clear up without any given treatment and within some days. But, the bumps can recur.

Eruptive lingual papillitis is common amongst the children and is said to be contagious. It can be accompanied by fever and sometimes swollen glands. It is associated with a viral infection. It doesn’t require any kind of treatment and clears up within a period of two weeks, but it might also recur. Saltwater rinses, smooth foods might provide some relief.

Spots on Back of Tongue

Red bumps appear on back of the tongue for several reasons. While most of the reasons are not at all serious, it’s a better idea to identify your bumps so that you can seek appropriate treatments. It also prepares you in the event that they are an indication of a serious ailment which requires medical attention.

Fungiform Papillae

The tongue naturally have small bumps. These particular bumps are known as papillae and show up when you are undergoing trauma in the mouth. Eating very salty treats aggravates your taste buds and leads to these bumps forming anywhere on your tongue.

Circumvalate Papillae

When red or white bumps appear on back of your tongue, they are usually larger than other bumps on forward areas of the tongue and are known as the circumvalate papillae. These bumps are present in the back of the throat, appear slightly red and also form a V-shape which points backward. But, when you experience a cold, sore throat or even an infection of some kind, these white spots on tongue might be more prominent.

Other Causes

Sometimes, the red bumps on back of your tongue are just sores. The cause of the sores vary. For instance, some of the possible causes include infections, allergies and even oral herpes. According to doctors, symmetrical bumps on both sides are common harmless, while bumps which appear on only one side, unless obviously brought about by irritation, have possibility of being cancerous.

When to Seek Treatment

Even though the red bumps which appear on the back of your tongue are nothing to be much concerned about, there are some instances where you should ensure that you seek treatment. For instance, if the bumps last for more than 2 weeks and get bigger, then you should see a doctor.

Likewise, if they bleed or you feel so much pain such that they interfere with normal chewing, ensure that you seek assistance so as to at least get a pain-relieving gel.

Home Remedies

Most of the red tongue bumps are just simple oral irritations. But, that doesn’t imply that they’re pleasant to be dealt with. You can do away with the bumps faster, or make their healing to be tolerable, by using an oral gel so as to numb the bumps.

Avoid irritating substances such as hot foods, salty foods or sugary foods. Rinse your mouth using a warm salt water rinse about three times a day and maintain proper oral hygiene so as to make your mouth an ideal environment to ensure faster healing.

White Spots on Back of Tongue

Causes of bumps on back of tongue include;

  1. Natural Bumps

The papillae which have the taste buds on tongue form in a V which leads to the back of throat. You also have lingual tonsils or lymphatic tissue that is located at the back of the tongue that looks like a bump.

These particular bumps are always at the back of tongue, but different conditions might also change their appearance. Sinus infections are indicated to enlarge the papillae. Some of the people simply have taste buds which are naturally large. Sometimes eating of the spicy foods inflames the taste buds also.

  1. Trauma

If you bite your tongue, it leads to white spots on tongue, but this is likely to occur at the front of tongue rather than the back. Sometimes brushing hard using your toothbrush can lead to the tongue becoming irritated and bumps appearing.

In most of the cases applying a saltwater or even an antiseptic mouth rinse assists the bumps to heal. If you leave the bumps alone, they heal on their own. Your doctor might also prescribe you a medication which can clear up the spots if they are emanating from another infection.

  1. Allergies

Allergies, especially those to medications, can lead to several bumps appearing on any part of the tongue. These particular bumps will be larger toward the back of tongue. Bumps brought about by an allergic reaction can typically appear within minutes of coming into contact with the substance that led to the irritation. You might also notice swelling on the face.

Allergic reactions leads to mild or severe symptoms so it is very crucial to monitor your condition closely so as to determine if you will need some medical intervention.

You may also treat the bumps on back of tongue using antihistamines, but if the swelling is very much severe, you might then be required to seek medical attention to breathe.

  1. Canker Sores

Canker sores appear on any part of mouth, which includes the tongue. They are a small ulcer having a white or yellow center with a small red outline. They are very painful and swell also.

They are treated using a saltwater rinse, but they can heal on their own.

  1. Kawasaki Disease

This is an autoimmune disease which mostly affects children. It leads to red bumps which are fairly large to appear on back of tongue. Kawasaki disease leads to cracked lips, swollen lymph nodes, and redness in the palms or even sometimes soles of the feet, bloodshot eyes in addition to white spots on tongue.

Doctors have not explained much about this disease; but it can make the tongue to turn to being dark color and might be fatal if it is not treated.

Gamma globulin and Aspirin are usually recommended by doctors as the first treatment.

White Spot on Side of Tongue

White bumps which happens on the top, side and bottom of tongue are inflamed papillae. This occurs when a lot of acid from foods or even a puncture to taste bud irritates the tongue and leads to a small infection. These usually disappears on their own, but there are several things which can be done to speed up the process.

Step 1

Rinse your mouth using warm salt water for about three times daily. The warmth assists to reduce swelling and pain, while the salt also promotes drying of pus which is trapped inside the taste bud.

Step 2

Apply a dab of milk of magnesia onto the white spots on tongue so as to soothe irritation and neutralize the acid that is in the mouth. This prevents further damage to taste bud.

White bumps on tongue

White bumps on tongue

Step 3

Eat soft foods while healing, which lasts for about seven days. Avoid foods and drinks which are highly acidic like pizza, citrus fruits, and sodas. These foods and drinks further irritate and inflaming the infection while also worsening the pain.

Step 4

Apply a numbing gel that is used for teething babies to affected area. This provides some temporary pain relief, forming a protective coating around the bump. This assists in promoting the healing process while keeping further irritation away.


  • Consult your doctor if the bump does not heal within a period of 10 days.



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