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For the people who have dry skin around mouth, the causes, symptoms and treatment options have greatly been discussed in this article. Please read on to discover more.

Dry skin around mouth

Also known as perioral dermatitis, dry skin around mouth is usually an inflammatory rash which affects the skin around the mouth. This rash can spread up to the nose also. It appears as a red bumpy rash. A person can also have a clear fluid discharge. Redness and burning can also happen.

Dry Skin around Mouth

Dry Skin around Mouth

This condition is very much common in women of up to the age of 45 years but can also be experienced by any person of any age, race as well as ethnicity. It can also be experienced by children of any age. Without a person undergoing proper treatment, cases of perioral dermatitis disappear and reappear.

The episodes of the condition can last for even months.

Causes of Dry Skin around Mouth

The cause of the condition is medically unknown. But studies indicate that it happens after use of very strong steroids on skin which is prescribed in treatment of another condition, for example the use of nasal steroids.

There has also been evidence that attributes the use of cosmetics which have certain ingredients leading to dry skin around mouth. Heavy skin creams which have petrolatum paraffin base is also said to lead to the condition

Other factors which trigger the condition are;

  • Bacterial and fungal infections
  • Constant drooling
  • The use of fluorinated toothpaste
  • Use of some oral contraceptives
  • Some sunscreen lotions

Symptoms of Dry Skin around Mouth

This condition usually appears as red bumps in the folds around the mouth and nose. The bumps might be scaly in appearance. This bumps can also appear in several other areas, they can also contain pus resembling acne.

A person can also experience symptoms like burning or even itching when the rash becomes worse

Dry skin around mouth and chin

This is a common condition which leads to itching and flaking of the skin around the mouth and chin. The condition is very difficult to treat, especially during the winter season.

The condition can be caused by improper skin care, low amount of humidity in the environment or sometimes the condition can be caused by the eczema.

Treatment of this condition include changes to lifestyle as well as skin care and also avoiding of irritants. Professional evaluation is also required so as to rule out other infections.

  • Change soap and cosmetics so as to determine the skin’s reaction to a chemical ingredient in the current brand that you are using. Dry skin around mouth and chin could indicate a reaction to an ingredient.
  • Wash skin using warm water and a mild soap, harsh cleaners can get rid of the skin’s natural oils thus increasing the dryness. Pat the skin dry but don’t rub it.
  • Apply enough amount of moisture to the affected areas for at least three times in a day within three minutes of washing your face. Oil moisturizers are said to be more effective in treatment of the condition but might clog the pores thus contributing to acne breakouts.


Dry skin around mouth and nose

Dry skin can happen anywhere on your skin but it becomes too uncomfortable when it is around the mouth and the nose.

This condition of dry skin around mouth might be caused by exposure to harsh weather conditions or it might also be an indication of a medical problem. Winter usually comes along with persistent problem of dry skin around mouth and nose and also all over the face. However, there are several other causes of the condition other than winter;

  • Facial psoriasis- this is a non-contagious chronic disease which leads to flaky patches of skin. This is also a common cause of the silvery scales around the nose. Some topical steroid creams can be effective in treatment of this condition.
  • Dehydration- this is the most common cause of the dry skin around mouth and nose. Keratin needs water so as to be kept soft and also healthy. If moisture from the facial skin is lost, then the keratin hardens making the facial skin to pull and dry. Dehydration makes the keratin to crumble leading to chapping and peeling of the skin around nose

Dryness around mouth corner

This happens for several reasons which includes licking of the lips, exposure to wind and sun, and several other health conditions.

The skin may burn, crack and then bleed.

Consult your doctor if the home remedies do not provide enough relieve to the dryness of the dry skin on corners of mouth such as the iron deficiency. This condition can be caused by;

  • Lip balm- you can have an allergic reaction to some of the lip products. This includes dry skin which is irritated and also itchy. Products which have alcohol can lead to the problem. Natural oils such as olive oil can be used instead of applying a lip balm.
  • Sunscreen- facial sunscreen which have sunscreen is to be used outdoors. This protects the dry skin from being damaged.
  • Dehydration- this can lead to skin dryness. Drinking water can moisten the mouth and restore the fluid levels.

Chapped skin around lips won’t heal

Exposure to harsh weather can pull the moisture out of skin thus drying up your lips. The solution therefore is to moisturize the lips using a high quality lip balm. Natural lip balm is ideal to be used anytime of the day especially when you are outdoors.

Constant lip licking can lead to cracked lips. Apply a natural lip balm instead of licking and you should see an improvement within a short period of time.

Avoid the use of anti-aging products as they might make you lips to be dry. Keep the products away from lips and then use a wet washcloth so as to clear off any excess of it.

Find out if you have an allergy of a skin care product or a lip balm which might also make your lips to dry. Chapping occurs when an allergic reaction occurs.

Dry flaky skin around mouth & dark discoloration

If you have dark spots around your mouth, it is a good idea to visit your doctor so as to determine the exact cause and also advise on the best treatment that can be used on the dark pigmentation as well rule out any possibility of skin cancer.

This condition can occur due to sun damage, fluctuating hormones such as during periods or pregnancy and dark pigmentation due to previous injury.

Dry skin around mouth treatment

Your doctor can diagnose the condition through a visual examination of the skin together with your medical history.

The dermatologist might also perform a skin culture test so as to rule out any other skin infection. During this particular test, the doctor swabs a small piece of skin in the affected area. The sample is then send to a laboratory so as to test the skin cells for any bacteria or fungi.

A skin biopsy might also be performed by the doctor especially if the dry skin around mouth is not responding to the standard treatments.

The treatment options that are available are;

  • Stopping use of the steroid creams or nasal sprays that have steroids as the products can worsen the symptoms. But ensure that you discuss with your doctor before stopping the use of any medications.
  • Your doctor can also determine the treatment options based on severity of the condition. In some other cases. Use of mild soaps and stopping the use of heavy skin creams might also ease the symptoms.
  • Medications may also speed up the healing process, including the topical antibiotic medications, immunosuppressive creams, topical acne medications and oral antibiotics.



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