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Rash in groin area female

A rash in groin area is a skin symptom that is caused by several health conditions and can also happen on the genitals of either male or female. Such rashes are normally red in color, may be painful or itchy and can include several bumps and sores. If you contract any rash or sores that you are not able to explain, ensure that you consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Rash in Groin Area

Rash in Groin Area

There are many causes that can lead to a person having a genital rash. Such causes range from treatable to STDs and autoimmune disorders. Some of common causes of the genital rash in female include;

  • Jock itch which is a fungal infection. This rash is usually red and scaly. It can also blister.
  • Diaper rash which is a yeast infection is very much common in children due to the warm, moist environment of the diapers. It is also red and scaly, it includes bumps and several blisters.
  • Vaginal yeast infection affects most of the women and occurs because of taking of antibiotics. It causes an itchy swelling and a white vaginal discharge.
  • Molluscum contagiosum which is a viral infection affects the skin and presents firm and round bumps. They are also itchy and more inflamed.

Infecting parasites are also said to be a cause of the genital bumps;

  • Pubic lice are small insects which lay eggs in the genital area and are contagious through sexual contact. They are very much common among the teens. An infestation of the lice causes itchiness and several sores
  • Body lice are very different from the pubic lice and are also larger in size. They live in clothing and also on skin. They are believed to feed on blood. They cause an itchy rash on skin.
  • Scabies is also an itchy rash that can occur on the genital areas of the female. This is brought about by the mites. They can burrow into skin and leads to a very intense itching especially when you are asleep.

Allergies and autoimmune disorders are other causes of having a genital rash;

  • Contact dermatitis which is a type of rash that is caused by a contact on skin with an allergen or an irritant such as a harsh chemical substance. Latex is an allergen which produces such a rash in the genital area of the female after intercourse using a condom.
  • Psoriasis is also a skin condition whose cause is unknown but specialists say that is an autoimmune disorder which produces an itchy rash on the body. In females, the disorder may produce a lot of itchy rash on the genitals.
  • Lichen planus is less common, it produces itchy rashes around the genital area. Doctors are also unsure what exactly leads to the condition but they say that it might be due to an allergen. In the genital area, they produce several sores.

Sexually transmitted infections are also a likely cause of sores in females who do not practice safe sex;

  • Genital herpes which is a viral infection can produce rashes which are very painful in the genital area
  • Genital herpes are brought about by human papilloma virus. They appear to be very small and are itchy.
  • Syphilis is a bacterial infection which is spread through sexual contact. It presents a rash which appears anywhere on the skin including the genital area. The rash may not necessarily be itchy.

Groin rash pictures


Rash in Groin Area

Rash in Groin Area

Itchy Rash in groin area female

Ringworm is a fungal infection which involves the skin. Different fungi affect various parts of the body, like the foot and the groin.

Jock itch is a ringworm infection that leads to a rash in groin area as it survives well in a warm and moist environments and is said to be very contagious. Treatment for the infection includes use of the topical antifungals. Women, especially the overweight women are highly susceptible in contracting of the infection.

  • Circular rash – this is a classic symptom of a ringworm infection which occurs as a red ring that has elevated edges. The center of the ring just has normal skin. The circular shape of the ring have a flaking skin and the skin might crack open in groin area.
  • Itchy and painful- itching happens in the groin area skinfolds. The infection might spread to the skin of the inner thighs and the labia. The condition might also cause serious pain. Treatment of the infection using the antifungal medications might help in reducing irritation of the skin thus easing some pain. The infection might however recur causing more itching, burning and pain.
  • Redness and irritation- the skin might experience a rash in groin area leading to reddening and inflammation of the rash. Some of the females might also experience the redness with a lot of flaking to the rash instead of classic ring shape of the ringworm.
  • Hair loss- the infection can lead to the hair loss in the groin area of the female. The hair might fall out at the cuticle or might break off easily. Some women might experience darkening of the skin at the skin folds in the area affected by jock itch according to the doctors

Increased Symptoms

Women are advised against wearing of very tight undergarments, synthetic fabrics which might lead to additional irritation of the jock itch. Some other behaviors like exercising and also walking can increase the symptoms of this fungal rash according to the dermatologists.

Jock itch rash

This condition is very common, itchy rash that is found on the groin. It produces an intense itch which is usually associated with a red rash which involves the genitals. The condition is basically a skin condition which mostly affects the men due to the structures which are unique to the male genitalia.

The signs and symptoms of this condition may come and also disappear, several of the cases resolve by themselves spontaneously without treatment. This condition is mostly seen in groin although it spreads to thighs, scrotum and the vaginal opening in females. The condition also leads to red rash on sides of groin folds.

This rash might be dry and scaly, or a collection of small, red bumps that are at each hair follicle. This form of eruption is known as ringworm due to its defined red edge that has a central clearing. Ringworm is caused by a fungal infection.

While this condition is seen in several otherwise healthy people, those ones who are diabetic or obese are much susceptible.

Causes of jock itch includes irritation from underwear, excess amount of moisture, sweating, friction, allergic problems, fungal infections, yeast infection as well as bacterial infection.

Treatment of the fungal infection caused by jock itch includes use of antifungal creams as well as pills. Treatment of rash in groin area which is not brought about fungus involves proper groin hygiene, keeping of the area very clean by frequently washing and drying using gentle soap and water.

Jock itch female

The jock itch, also known as tinea cruris is a fungal infection as indicated earlier. This is caused by a fungus known as dermatophytes, which are parasites that are found in keratin structures. It appears as a rash in groin area spreading over the buttocks and the inside parts of thighs.

The condition can also occur in other parts of the body which are covered for most part of the day such as the waist, under breast and also the upper thighs.

The condition is however, less common in women than in men.

Causes of Jock Itch in Women

Any person can be affected by the condition but those with low immunity suffer from the disease than others. It is brought about by the fungi known as dermatophytes which grow in warm and moist skin in groin areas as it is the place where there is friction of skin.

The main cause of the condition in women are;

  • Tight underwear- for the women who wear tight underwear, the groin can sweat for a long period of time which is an ideal condition for survival of the fungal disease. This areas are acted as good for the fungi breeding.
  • Bodily contact- it should be noted that the infection is contagious and usually transmitted from skin to another. Physical intimacy can lead to transmission of the disease
  • Poor skin hygiene- if you forget to wash hands after touching of the infected area, then you can get an infection due to the physical contact. People with dirty hands are at a higher risk of transmitting the disease. Even an individual with good hygiene can get the disease
  • Sharing clothes- you are advised against sharing of underwear, scarves or even the towels. If such clothes have been in contact with an infected person’s skin area, then the infection can be transferred to your skin. Such is very common in public places such as the gym or pool. It is also recommended that you take a shower immediately after the activities.


The dermatophytes can survive for long periods of time.




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