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Several people have experienced broken tooth but with no pain at all. Here, in this article, we try to look critically into various cracks and fractures as well as broken tooth extraction.

Molar Broke Off At Gum Line

There are several ways that your enamel can get damaged but it is worth noting that it is not beyond repair

Broken tooth no pain

Broken tooth no pain

This is one of the situations that is faced by the dentists every given day in their line of duty. A patient walks into the office with a broken tooth to be fixed. Sometimes, the patient walks in with a crown in their hands so that it can be re-cemented.

The patient is supposed to be aware that such a tooth does not have a ferrule thus a higher likelihood of the procedure failing.

The doctor has an option of foregoing the orthodontic extrusion and narrow down to just the lengthening procedure which includes removal of the bone.

Bone grafting is also another option when there is some bone that is still available at the site. With proper amount of bone support, this procedure’s success is very predictable and in many of the cases that are reported, this has always been the common treatment that is applied by the doctors.

Patients are usually resistant to the given options by the doctor in approval of the procedures especially if they have broken tooth no pain and therefore forcing the doctors to go along with their patient’s requests. This can make the patient to eventually lose the tooth.

Restoration procedure takes varied times and patients are advised to heed to the advice of the doctors if they intend to keep the tooth for a longer period of time.

Fractured Cusp Molar

This is when the chewing surface of the molar tooth breaks off. It does not however, lead to any pain at times. The broken tooth no pain can make you relax and not see the dentist.

Chewing can lead to the pieces of the cracked tooth to move around the mouth thus the tooth may be irritated therefore making you to experience a lot of pain especially when the pressure that is applied on chewing food is released.

The pain can continue for a longer period even when you are not chewing, eventually affecting the pulp.

Other types of cracks;

  1. Craze line

This particular cracks are most easily noticeable but just disturbs the outer parts of the enamel. This condition is mostly in adults, they don’t lead to severe problems only because it is superficial.

  1. Cracked tooth

This is where the tooth cracks towards the root from the chewing surface. Although this doesn’t cause the pulp to be largely damaged, it can lead to a possible root canal. If the condition is not checked by the dentist, it can easily worsen to the point of a patient undergoing extraction.

  1. Split tooth

This occurs if the cracked tooth is not treated in time. This can also make a patient to lose the tooth or even part of it. In order to save the situation, the dentist might be required to perform endodontic treatments on the patient for restoration.

Tooth Broke In Half Black Inside

A broken tooth is something that is serious and may require that a patient pays necessary attention to it and never ignore. There are several causes of broken teeth some of which are beyond the scope of this article.

The rule is that you should ensure you seek urgent medical attention from a doctor or a dentist before a lot of damage is done.

A broken tooth can cause several tooth problems to you but largely depending on the location of the break. The worst is that it can leave a hole which is much vulnerable to attacks from the bacteria as well as decay.

If the bacteria the inside of the cracked part, you may then have an infected tooth which might spread to other areas including the gum tissue which is mostly felt by the patient through throbbing pain leading to fever.

If the wisdom teeth is broken, ensure that you call the dentists urgently and make an appointment for the tooth to be properly examined. If the tooth shows signs of infection, you will be advised to obtain antibiotics before any work is done on the tooth. The dentists recommend surgical removal of the broken tooth.

Broken tooth usually does a lot of harm and the patient should ensure that she or he visits the dentist for proper diagnosis and examination.

Broken Molar Tooth

Teeth, especially the molars, are said to be very strong but it should be noted that they can chip, crack, fracture and also break.  This can occur in many ways including the below;

  • Biting on something that is very hard for the teeth such as a metallic object
  • Trauma due to being knocked on the mouth by a blunt object
  • Falling from heights
  • Cavities that weaken the tooth
  • Old amalgam fillings which don’t support the remaining part of the tooth


When a tooth breaks, it is not always true that it hurts during the process, but the tongue can feel the broken part quickly. Minor fractures are known not to lead to any pain when they happen but if the fracture is large enough, then it can hurt.


You might feel a lot of discomfort if the nerve ending are largely exposed to air.


Pain form the crack can be constant or might just come and disappear. Most people might feel the pain while chewing due to putting a lot of pressure on the teeth.


The best way to treat any cracked tooth is by visiting a dentist as the tooth can appear fine but hurts a lot when you eat or when you apply extreme temperature in your mouth. But if the tooth hurts for most of the times then it might be having a damaged nerve or even the blood vessels.


If you have broken tooth, ensure that you visit your dentists immediately who can figure out the cause of the break. A damaged nerve might require to undergo a root canal treatment.

How to Fix a Broken Tooth At Home

Although it is not advisable to treat broken tooth with no pain at home, but at certain times, you might be required to fix an urgent situation. Use the below tips for doing the same;

  • Try seeing the dentist, don’t under any circumstances put a dremel tool in mouth. Anything put in mouth might accidentally be swallowed or even be inhaled thus you should be very much careful
  • Visit your local store and ask a temporary filing material. Mix as directed and then apply it to the chipped area thus forming a smooth surface to the tongue. If you also obtain a temporary crown material, it can be used if you chip a large portion of the filing especially if it is a front teeth.
  • Wax is also said to offer a temporary solution if you have braces around the sharp brackets. This can also be availed at your local drugstore.
  • Any object that is sticky like a chewing gum can provide some relief. If it is placed carefully at the broken area, it can provide a temporary solution as it has done to several patients
  • Filing or smoothing tooth is a risky proposition that is not recommended by dentists. An enamel is a very hard surface and the choice of instrument comes in very important.
  • Pain pills as well as numbing gel is also said to help in masking of the pain as well as allowing the soft tissue ulceration to worsen.

Broken Tooth Extraction

This is the process of removing the tooth from the socket in a bone.

Before the process is recommended by the dentist, several trials of fixing the tooth must have failed and thus this becomes the last resort. A very loose tooth has to be extracted if bone replacement surgery won’t help in saving it.

Other reasons for tooth extraction;

  • For people who have extra teeth which block other teeth from coming in.
  • When the baby teeth don’t fall out in time so as to allow the permanent teeth to come in.
  • For the people who are in need of the braces, their teeth might be extracted so as create enough room for the teeth that are being moved into place.
  • Some people who are receiving drugs might also develop some infection in teeth due to the drugs therefore weakening their immune system. The infected ones might be required to be extracted so as to prevent them from spreading the infection.
  • If the tooth is deemed to the source of infection after an organ transplant, it is extracted. People who have undergone organ transplants have a very high risk of infection as they are supposed to take drugs that suppress the immune system
  • Wisdom tooth should be extracted after they come in, more especially if they decayed thus causing an infection. They usually get stuck in jaw and do not come in thus leading to a lot of pain. The wisdom teeth can all be taken out at the same time

Broken Tooth Repair Cost

The cost of repairing a broken tooth with no pain can either be a simple cosmetic procedure or even an expensive structural repair. The difference is usually determined by the closeness of the damage to the nerve or the pulp

Cosmetic repair with no nerve involvement

The crack does not move near the pulpy center, a white bonding material can be used to repair and replace the broken tooth. The remainder part of the tooth is then shaped using a drill and a dental composite applied. The charges ranges between $150 and $250 so as to complete the repair.

Functional repair- no nerve involved

If there are no damaged roots involved, the dentist can use a similar technique but apply porcelain or the metal crown which allows you to chew normally thus protecting the nerves. The cost of the procedure is about $1150. The price also depends on your area of residence or procedure.

Repair with pulp damage

Damaged pulp will require a lot of attention and care. The pulp if damaged can be very painful. A root canal has to be performed then followed by a crown. The procedure can cost about $2000. You are advised to have insurance.


This is the least cost procedure. It costs just about $200.

Tooth Broke Off Root Still In

This is very serious as the silent problem can lead to an infection which can set into the area thus developing an abscess. The condition can be so painful and also spread infection to other areas and it will require a dentist to have a look at the area.



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