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For the women who experience dry mouth during pregnancy in their first, second or third trimesters, this article will be so informative to you. Read on to find out more about the causes, symptoms as well as treatment.

Dry Throat Early Pregnancy

Also known as xerostomia, the subjective sensation that is brought about by dry mouth during pregnancy happens especially in the first trimester, it worsens at night and is mostly accompanied by a person having a stuffy nose, hot flashes and metal cotton mouth. All this symptoms are caused by hormonal changes that takes place when you become pregnant.

Dry Mouth during Pregnancy

Dry Mouth during Pregnancy

Other pregnancy related Causes;

  • Increased amount of blood volume leading to extra fluids processed through the kidneys leading to frequent urination and also dry mouth
  • Hormonal changes causing reduced amount of saliva flow thus the mouth becoming dry
  • Increased metabolic rate leading to excessive sweating and thirst
  • Gestational diabetes is also linked to dry mouth due to the fact that insulin abnormalities have both indirect and direct effects on structure of the salivary glands
  • Specific medications that lead to dry mouth as a side effect


Fluids and Lozenges

Dry mouth during pregnancy can be soothed by drinking of mild teas. Most of the natural food stores have such teas. Add some amount of honey and lemon which soothes the coughs as well as the sore throat. Also you may chew on sugarless gum or even suck on the lozenges which mainly increase saliva production reducing the feeling of a dry mouth.

Add Moisture

Pregnant women are advised to consume at least half a gallon of water according to doctors. Fluids, mainly water increases blood supply and the amniotic fluid and also reducing the feeling of dry mouth. Avoid taking of caffeine and also the mouth washes that contain alcohol as they are both drying. Ensure that you run a humidifier at night so as to add some amount of humidity to the room.

Sleeping Positions

Your sleeping position is said to play a very crucial role in the dry mouth problem. Many of the pregnant women start to snore during pregnancy because of increased weight gain.

Sleep on your left as you support your belly with a pillow and thus avoid to sleep on your back.

Put an extra pillow under the head if necessary and also apply some nasal strips to open the passages.

Allergies and Colds

If you know that your dry mouth during pregnancy is related to allergies and colds, talk to your doctor. This is due to the fact that some of the decongestants are not considered safe to be used during the period of pregnancy as they can lead to dryness of the throat and mouth.

Dry Mouth Pregnancy Third Trimester

At this stage, most of the women glows during pregnancy although it is said to be caused  by the water that you are drinking. Excessive thirst during pregnancy is very common, according to the doctors. In most of the cases, the reasons are all attributed to your body undergoing several hormonak changes during pregnancy.

In the third trimester, women who are thirsty are not just thirsty but also have dry mouth and have an urge for frequent urination. Swelling of hands and ankles are some other symptoms that also accompany the excessive thirst.


Dry mouth during pregnancy in the third trimester is usually attributed to increased hormone levels especially the estrogen making a woman to feel very thirsty, although doctors say it is for good reason. That the body needs a lot of fluid so as to create enough amount of amniotic fluid. Also the kidneys are

Dry Mouth Pregnancy Second Trimester

Once you get pregnant and you are in the second trimester, the body requires a large amount of water so as to supply an increasing blood volume and also the body may experience frequent urination thus needs a lot of water for replacement.

The things that can lead to dry mouth during this phase is therefore thirst and many other dehydration signs.

Women with gestational diabetes might also experience dry mouth as the condition leads to dry mouth and thirst. Doctors usually check before week 30 of glucose tolerance levels.

Dry mouth during pregnancy is annoying and can lead to bacteria building up in mouth. It is therefore very crucial that you stay hydrated by use of a mouthwash that is recommended by the doctor, which should be all-natural, alcohol as well as sugar-free. This relieves the mouth of any discomfort, difficulty experienced in chewing and mouth sores.

Dry Mouth During Pregnancy Third Trimester

At this stage, the dry throat experienced by a mother can be annoying although it does not put the life of a mother at jeopardy unlike a few other issues.

A woman will feel extremely thirsty and the mouth turns dry more often. Several pregnant women experience this common condition later over the span of their pregnancy.

At this stage, dry mouth during pregnancy, also known as cotton mouth may just be a side effect of some other underlying condition that a woman is experiencing.

  • It is said to get worse at night
  • It is also accompanied with a woman having chapped lips, dried stuffy nose and also might have a parched throat
  • The tongue might also turn pale which is an indication of a person having intense dryness. This can be easily observed when she wakes up in the morning
  • A woman may also feel a metallic taste in mouth due to the hormones playing with the senses of taste

Consequences of Cotton Mouth during Pregnancy

This condition is usually annoying and very uncomfortable but can also influence negatively a woman’s oral mouth. Without enough amount of saliva which washes away the food debris so as to control microbes in mouth, the teeth and the gum can also be more vulnerable thus development of plaque as well as tooth cavities as oral health has a significant role that it plays in a healthy pregnancy.

Dry Mouth During Pregnancy Diabetes

A condition known as gestational diabetes mellitus is associated with an increase in the amount of blood sugar in pregnant women. This condition’s symptoms is exhibited mostly when the insulin supply that is in the body decreases to an inadequate level that is not enough to meet the demand for a normal blood glucose regulation.

The problem varies from the diabetes mellitus as it is initially diagnosed during the pregnancy cycle.

There are several indications of gestational diabetes mellitus that points to the presence of dry mouth during pregnancy among the expectant women;

  • Frequent urination, increased thirst and dry mouth- women sufferuing from this problem have frequent need for urination so as to clear the amount of glucose in blood, to replace the loss of water in form of urine leading to dehydration. This makes a woman to experience a lot of thirst and also dry mouth.
  • Increased hunger- this type of diabetes is usually characterized by an increase in hunger due to failure of the cells to utilize the glucose available in the blood as there no insulin.
  • Unexplained weight loss– women might also experience weight loss unintentionally and this condition is in no way related to the diet or their exercise routine due to the inability of the cells to fully utilize the glucose in blood
  • Fatigue- pregnant women might also feel very week as one of the gestational diabetes symptoms
  • Blurred vision-excess amount of glucose in blood can easily damage the blood vessels that are in the eye leading to retinal damage thus disrupting a normal vision
  • Skin, urinary tract or vagina infections- increased amount of sugar levels can weaken the normal immunity of the body leading to frequent number of infections.
  • Nausea and Vomiting- this symptoms are minor in the gestational diabetes. The symptom is also said to be independently non-conclusive although it points towards gestational diabetes when it is accompanied by other symptoms.


Pregnant women are advised to consult their doctor if they experience any of the mentioned symptoms of dry mouth for an evaluation to be done through a glucose tolerance test so as to screen them of the condition. The risk factors that can lead to the gestational diabetes mellitus are;

  • When a woman is obese
  • Family history that points towards diabetes mellitus
  • Previous history of having delivered an overweight baby who is more than 4 kilograms
  • Presence of glucose in urine.


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